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@lnxwalt@microca. When they offered to refund my money last summer, I opted to wait.  If I had taken the refund, I could always have ordered again when they started shipping computers... unless it was a startup on the brink, in which case taking the refund might have tipped the scales and putting them out of business.   I know how hard it is to start a business, and how much harder it is when investors get nervous, particularly in a recession (which we are still in up here, no matter what the politicians say)  Plenty of small businesses that would survive in good times are going still going under.  

But as it turns out, those who were offered or asked for refunds much earlier than I did have been left high & dry too, which suggests the offers and promises of refunds made to me were insincere.     
@JanKusanagi That's why I still want one.  And its probably why the Wikipedia editors who objected to the Wikipedia Sol laptop page  on the grounds it was (a) written by the Company owner Savid Snir (b) effectively an advertisement, and (c) spam and possibly a scam were resoundingly overruled on grounds of notability.  

@Charles ☕ Stanhope  Yes, but since I'm Canadian I probably have a better chance to get legal redress than international folk.