Leonel Nunez len@identi.ca


  • Ubuntu One ubuntuone@identi.ca

    Team account for Ubuntu One, the personal cloud that brings your digital life together.

  • F-Droid fdroid@identi.ca


    F-Droid is a robot with a passion for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on the Android platform.

  • Ubuntu Classroom ubuntuclassroom@identi.ca

    Follow Ubuntu Classroom Updates and Session Announcements.

  • The Linux Foundation linuxfoundation@identi.ca

    San Francisco, United States

    The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.

  • opensource.com opensourceway@identi.ca

  • Launchpad.net launchpad@identi.ca

    Free software collaboration and project hosting from the friendly folks at Canonical.

  • TuxRadar tuxradar@identi.ca

  • openinformation openinformation@identi.ca

    Kalmusweier, Germany

    Linguist, Free (as in speech) Software user, Web developer using Django and interested in Python NLTK

  • Richard Stallman Political Notes rms@identi.ca

    Cambridge, United States

    These are automatically posted from my blog. I don't read messages on identi.ca, please email me -- rms@gnu.org instead.

  • Daniel Holbach dholbach@identi.ca

    Daniel Holbach

  • Fabian Rodriguez magicfab@identi.ca

    Montreal, Canada


  • Jono Bacon jonobacon@identi.ca

    Ubuntu Community Manager, Author and Musician. For the gory details, see http://www.jonobacon.org/about/