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SCaLE accepted my etckeeper talk for SCaLE 15x.

As a system administrator I find it important to track changes in configuration files. Revision control systems have some fatal flaws for tracking /etc/. Luckily Joey Hess' excellent etckeeper wraps several revision control systems and adds the features we need to track our configuration files.

SCaLE is an excellent large community led Free Software conference in the LA area. It's at the beginning of the year and is usually the first large Free Software conference of the year in the US. For 2017 it has moved to the beginning of March.

This year SCaLE moved from hotels near LAX to Pasadena and it was an amazing improvement. We have more room, a great host facility, Richard facilitating communication with Pasadena and the local community and lots of food options. I personally feel it was a great move. Mind you, the hotels were great ( other than being in a food desert ), but the new location is amazing.

etckeeper works with package managers to automagically checkin changes after software updates.

It's also modular, so has many more features and is quite customizable.

See you in March, but don't wait, install etckeeper today