Can anyone suggest a music player for Android? Dislike how the tracks are presented on the stock one. Boring list view would be best.

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It's Apollo for me.

Dylan at 2014-01-26T10:52:15Z

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On a general level, this is great. A good question about Android apps. Three people with three good suggestions for apps, all of which are free and in FDroid. The system is working well, I feel. :-)

Douglas Perkins at 2014-01-26T12:33:55Z

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I use Apollo too. You can also find more options here. There is no "the best one". This best choice depends only of you, check all of them and keep this one you suppose is the best :)

Alberto Moshpirit at 2014-01-26T15:12:47Z

Thanks for suggestions.. Will check them all out.

at 2014-01-26T15:45:16Z