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you know what's weird?  the report doesn't mention even once senator Aécio Neves, recently-suspended by the supreme court, former president of PSDB, who ran against Dilma in the latest runoff, whose defeated government programme is being implemented by Temer and the Congress, holder of the record in mentions by people "enticed" to tell on others, and completely ignored by the lower court that set out to catch Lula.  that could be an interesting angle for a foreign journalist to explore (hint, hint :-) given the judge's connections with US, his father's party (the same PSDB), and the recent (wiki)leaks that Temer traded Brazilian secrets in exchange for US support for the coup
interesting yes, but alas, I lack any context for all this stuff; I can only look on and wonder....

Glyn Moody at 2017-06-05T21:04:40Z