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.oO diag2021 já disponível, python ou web

Este app de diagnóstico é uma versão corrigida do app lançado pelo Ministério da Saúde [...] pode até recomendar medidas que não tenham comprovação científica

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diag2021 is a diagnosis program that takes a description of symptoms, and recommends actions that may alleviate the problem. It's a reaction to an app published by Jair Bolsonaro's Ministry of Health, that recommends medicines already shown to have no positive effects in treating or preventing COVID-19, and often even fatal effects. My "corrected" version only recommends the impeachment of president Bolsonaro. That may not have been scientifically proven to solve the problem, but it's very unlikely to have any detrimental side effects.

Alexandre Oliva at 2021-01-21T08:32:03Z

Your corrected version ROX! 😁

JanKusanagi at 2021-01-21T13:17:26Z