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RedMatrix 1.8
Announcing RedMatrix 1.8

Some of the many changes since 1.7:

- An issue resulting in content loading out of order but only "first thing in the morning" was resolved.
- Collections (privacy groups) are now synced across nomadic clones
- A new permission was added - controlling the ability of others to "like" your profile and profile objects.
- Improved control of session hijacking blocking when in dynamic DNS environments
- provide ability to block entire sites from showing up in public content feeds (resulting from Islamic State communiques showing beheadings, etc.)
- Ability to crosspost to other networks from 'rpost' (remote post page) was inexplicably missing.
- Add encoding type to zot communications layer to allow alternate content representations (ActivityStreams JSON 2, etc.)
- forum mentions weren't being linked correctly after editing an existing post
- Update bootstrap to 3.2 on redbasic theme
- improve the visibility of profile edit links
- allow system admin to restrict permissions on imported public ("Discover") posts
- Regression: In "Categories" list (blog mode) don't list categories where all the containing posts have been deleted
- Improved photo view page and edit controls.
- Provide a master Privacy Policy document. (Individual hubs can over-ride or add to this).
- redmatrix chatroom expiration controls weren't being honoured in all cases.
- Fixed an XMPP-chat (Jappix) plugin issue.
- New Connection activities are implemented again (missing since the Red project forked a couple of years ago). Settings to send or not send these are honoured as before.
-  Don't allow somebody to delete their channel within 48 hours of changing the password - to avoid malicious actions should you leave your computer unattended and logged in.
- Allow the hub admin to choose what profile fields to support and also provide a basic and advanced profile form - selectable from your advanced features page.
- auto page scrolling is now triggered on the page down key as well as the scrollbar position.
- Channel management page now has notification counts for private mail and connection requests for those of you managing lots of channels.
- Profiles can be imported/exported via file to other channels/hubs (advanced feature).

And much more...

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