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    It appears scales images and doesn't provide a link to the original.


    macgirvin at 2017-08-16T01:38:56Z

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    In order to use RSS feeds as channel sources and let them federate them elsewhere (instead of just viewing them in your own matrix) took one line of code -  to change the default permissions. Damn, I love this platform. #redmatrix
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    Allow me to explain what is going on this picture since it isn't obvious. It's an email notification from redmatrix. It's telling you that 'Mr. X' - who is on Friendica, replied to a post by 'Mike McTest' who is on redmatrix. It's a private post so the contents aren't available in the email. It's also encrypted on disk.

    Oh yeah - they communicated with each other using Diaspora protocols.

    (This is no endorsement of Diaspora protocols; which I regret to inform you - suck rocks. One is forced to use primitive technology to build a bridge to legacy services. It's like trying to provide interactive media services over an AM pocket radio. You would have to get rid of the video, remove the upstream link, and then downgrade the sound quality to fit the transmission medium. That's kind of what I've done here.)  

    This is a sneak preview of Operation Snakebite. Get out your tourniquets boys and girls.

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    Coming along nicely...

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    Re: redmatrix and diaspora federation - we're a bit more than 1/3 of the way there after about a week of solid effort. We might be able to run some limited testing in the next week or two.

    Just remember that the last 10% takes 90% of the time.

    Also, friendica/redmatrix federation is a bit further down the road, but we should be able to communicate through the Diaspora channel (at least those friendica sites with valid certs; the others are out of luck I'm afraid).  

    Importing RSS feeds is almost there today. That's just waiting on a discovery wrapper. It will probably land about the same time as diaspora.

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    Brilliant sky tonight. I could see all the way to - well a long freaking way. There are only a few times a year when viewing conditions allow us to see the dark rift  (the voids in the pinkish plasma glow of the local galactic spiral arm) - and it's stunning.
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    Working on a utility to migrate #friendica photo albums to #redmatrix. Oh and I've started to port the #diaspora federation module from #friendica to #redmatrix, even though I'm guessing 90% of our content will have to be stripped since it just doesn't translate to legacy social networks.

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    I have not played with Red Matrix yet. I like Friendica though.

    Oh, if I could only get federation to Diaspora* going. I have been tempted to write a plugin similar to the one used for pump or twitter, but my PHP skills are lacking.

    Luis at 2014-08-16T08:52:04Z

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    MatrixianMatrixian wrote the following post 2 hours ago

    RedMatrix 1.8
    Announcing RedMatrix 1.8

    Some of the many changes since 1.7:

    - An issue resulting in content loading out of order but only "first thing in the morning" was resolved.
    - Collections (privacy groups) are now synced across nomadic clones
    - A new permission was added - controlling the ability of others to "like" your profile and profile objects.
    - Improved control of session hijacking blocking when in dynamic DNS environments
    - provide ability to block entire sites from showing up in public content feeds (resulting from Islamic State communiques showing beheadings, etc.)
    - Ability to crosspost to other networks from 'rpost' (remote post page) was inexplicably missing.
    - Add encoding type to zot communications layer to allow alternate content representations (ActivityStreams JSON 2, etc.)
    - forum mentions weren't being linked correctly after editing an existing post
    - Update bootstrap to 3.2 on redbasic theme
    - improve the visibility of profile edit links
    - allow system admin to restrict permissions on imported public ("Discover") posts
    - Regression: In "Categories" list (blog mode) don't list categories where all the containing posts have been deleted
    - Improved photo view page and edit controls.
    - Provide a master Privacy Policy document. (Individual hubs can over-ride or add to this).
    - redmatrix chatroom expiration controls weren't being honoured in all cases.
    - Fixed an XMPP-chat (Jappix) plugin issue.
    - New Connection activities are implemented again (missing since the Red project forked a couple of years ago). Settings to send or not send these are honoured as before.
    -  Don't allow somebody to delete their channel within 48 hours of changing the password - to avoid malicious actions should you leave your computer unattended and logged in.
    - Allow the hub admin to choose what profile fields to support and also provide a basic and advanced profile form - selectable from your advanced features page.
    - auto page scrolling is now triggered on the page down key as well as the scrollbar position.
    - Channel management page now has notification counts for private mail and connection requests for those of you managing lots of channels.
    - Profiles can be imported/exported via file to other channels/hubs (advanced feature).

    And much more...

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    Well that was certainly exciting....

    Got a call from the daughter - who went out for a little hike with some friends, including our Japanese exchange student.

    "I'm at the top of Mount Alexandra. You can pick us up at the lake in an hour."

    Whoa. Let's backtrack a second. Four girls in the middle of the bush (national forest) a few kilometers from anywhere (with people) wearing nothing but skimpy walking clothes. You'll reach the lake in an hour? Honey, I hate to tell you this but the sun sets in ten minutes. This is the dead of winter (it snowed last night). As soon as you lose daylight, the temperature is going to drop to zero. Start running right now. Don't walk fast. RUN. You've only got maybe twenty minutes of light left. Then you've got nothing. You can't use your flashlight app on your phone because we may need to talk to you. Don't waste the battery.

    Needless to say it was an interesting evening. Mobilised the other parents involved - who were freaking just as much as I was. People get lost in the bush all the time and are never found - or bodies are found months later.  I'm thinking how I'm going to explain a missing daughter to Japanese parents. The other parents were trying to figure out how to explain to Italian parents that their daughter might be missing in the bush.

    But we'll cut to the chase - everybody is OK. Whew!

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    Profile Changes

    Redmatrix profiles are now a whole lot simpler. We now provide just slightly more fields than are available on all those other indieweb projects. You know which ones. But if you miss having the ability to enter lots of stuff in lots of different categories and tell everybody about your favourite bands and tv shows and having limitless gender and marital options - no worries, we've got you covered. Visit Settings -> Advanced Features and turn on "advanced profiles" and you'll find all the #redmatrix profile options you know and love. Everything is still there. We're just hiding it all from folks that can't handle freedom and choices.

    @Channel One+
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    With the addition of the "like us on Red" app, the redmatrix now has 42 standard built-in apps. (Now where have I heard that number before?)
    Any webpage is potentially a shareable Red app. So let's just say our app store is potentially larger than Google and Apple combined.

    #justsayin #takethat

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    Still using Facebook?


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    Announce: Red Matrix release "stable-1.6". This release incorporates a number of bug fixes and theme/UI enhancements; the introduction of the Red app control panel and the ability to easily create and share your own webapps. Additionally birthday event notifications have been revived. New plugins include Diaspora posting, and apps for QR generation, hex conversion, project donations, and a flashlight.  And much more.



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    @mediagoblin - federate with Friendica? We'll help.

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    Yes, we do. I'm on the mailing list now. Let me get up to speed.

    macgirvin at 2012-05-03T01:14:27+00:00

    @macgirvin Federation with StatusNet/Diaspora/Friendica? Yes, please!

    Carlos Solís at 2012-05-03T03:48:15+00:00

    Yes! Friendica supports/uses ostatus tech right? We should talk!

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2012-05-03T00:49:52+00:00

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    test to see if S/N federation still works
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    Now this is amusing - I can really send a _private_ message to "Everyone"?
    Yep. "Private" message over public transport to anybody and everybody that wants to see it. #

    macgirvin at 2011-09-21T02:04:10+00:00