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Allow me to explain what is going on this picture since it isn't obvious. It's an email notification from redmatrix. It's telling you that 'Mr. X' - who is on Friendica, replied to a post by 'Mike McTest' who is on redmatrix. It's a private post so the contents aren't available in the email. It's also encrypted on disk.

Oh yeah - they communicated with each other using Diaspora protocols.

(This is no endorsement of Diaspora protocols; which I regret to inform you - suck rocks. One is forced to use primitive technology to build a bridge to legacy services. It's like trying to provide interactive media services over an AM pocket radio. You would have to get rid of the video, remove the upstream link, and then downgrade the sound quality to fit the transmission medium. That's kind of what I've done here.)  

This is a sneak preview of Operation Snakebite. Get out your tourniquets boys and girls.

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