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"every housewife and her dog have $software on their PC"

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"[...] every housewife and her dog have $software on their PC [...]"

Please don't.

In a public dev IRC chan, for a gnu/linux distribution with tons of users and developers, don't use this expression.

Even better think twice before writing. Because you can accidentally insult someone. Which is not cool.

Because, hey, no one knows you're a dog (or a housewife) on the internet. Or on IRC. #rant #sickofthisshit

Note to self: asking politely to not use that -or any similar - expression, because it can be read as offensive by dogs and housewives reading the logs is not a winning strategy.

They will end up making you feel like the whiny feminist bitching about every single innocent word uttered by the poor white male majority. So you can just avoid all the carefully crafted sentences and all the smilies you're using to not make them feeling attacked and just start telling them directly to fuck off.

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That's a sad expression to use...

That's a great image, though XD

Dana at 2014-08-27T22:57:03Z