Alejandro Ayala

Quito, Ecuador

La forma más simple de resolver un problema es casi siempre la más sencilla


  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • pipolandi

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    Cuenta inactiva, estoy en Diaspora y GNUSocial.

  • Quiliro Ordóñez

    Quito, Ecuador

  • Debian Project

    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: →

  • Pedro Miguel Franco Alvarado

    Quito, Ecuador

    Master in Hapkido and Kempo Martial Art, Teologist, and Teacher. Activist of Software Libre and Comunity Manager of Ubuntu Ecuador.

  • Richard Stallman Political Notes

    Cambridge, United States

    These are automatically posted from my blog. I don't read messages on, please email me -- instead.