Kagoshima, Japan


  • Randy Noseworthy

    Lakewood, United States

    Linux Mint, FOSS, Podcasting, Open Source, Food, People, Tech Geek. I get paid to fix Windows, Run Linux at home.

  • beninferno

  • JanKusanagi @i

    Between Jabberia and the Pumpiverse!

    Developer of the Dianara client. Mageia GNU/Linux + KDE Plasma user. I also use Debian GNU/Linux and Archlinux. Jabber/XMPP chatter, Pumper, C/C++/Qt coder. User Guide: Users by language: Some tips: And if your server is, check this out: This is an alternate account to

  • legolas

  • samwyn

    Tokyo, Japan

  • Miss Bowery(ミス・バウリー)

    Tokyo, Japan

  • ばらまき

    Tokyo, Japan

    small is beautiful


    Urawa, Japan

    大学生です。来年から大学院生になります。 /プログラミング/PHP/Ruby/Ubuntu/kernel/バイナリ/ネットワーク/鯖/Android/ペンテスト/ フォローよろしくお願いします。


    The Free Software Desktop Project