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Welcome Jessica Tallon, MediaGoblin's second full time hire!

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Join us in welcoming on Jessica Tallon, MediaGoblin's second full time hire!

Jessica has already done incredible work since being hired, with the first step of the federation branch having landed and great work on helping us towards our 0.7.0 release. We couldn't be more excited!

Check out our blogpost which includes an interview with Jessica run by Deb Nicholson!

Welcome again, Jess! It's great to have you on board!

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Congratulations! It's always exciting to work for a Free Software project full-time.

Sean Tilley at 2014-07-28T17:28:55Z

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Holy crap this is awesome news!

jpope at 2014-07-28T21:27:30Z

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ezeq at 2014-07-29T01:16:39Z