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Last day of the campaign! Second milestone unlocked! Let’s keep it up!

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Today is the last day of the MediaGoblin campaign! AND we've unlocked the second milestone! Holy moly!

This is it... the final boss battle of this campaign! Depending on how much we raise today is how much awesome stuff we can do over the course of the next year (including if we can get in some extra resources to help out).

So please donate if you haven't already and help us get the word out there!
Let's do this thing!

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Wow, you folks have really made stuff happen with this campaign.  Awesome!

David Thompson at 2014-04-18T15:14:08Z

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We've also got submissions on Slashdot, Reddit, and Hacker News if you are upboating inclined. How far can we spread this thing on the last day? :)

GNU MediaGoblin at 2014-04-18T15:21:41Z

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I think the new /. looks nice.

Not worth an independent pump note as above will be shared a zillion times, but I'm posting something like below to other places. I know slight warping of word "tranche" but so what.

Last day of #MediaGoblin campaign, unlocked 2nd reward tranche! ... my previous endorsement

Mike Linksvayer at 2014-04-18T17:22:41Z

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uso el traductor de google y parece que lo hace a traducción es se entiende..el quick traslator que uso siempre ahora esta irreconocible.

juancuyo at 2014-04-19T22:49:16Z