Michael at

btw re received-by headers

spammers could add a fake Received-by header so if the first one doesn't contain an ip or its looks like a local ip it could be fake and if it is theres probably another Received-by header following it (the real one - you generally want to look for the one added by the first real mail server NOT controlled by the spammer that the mail passed though)

also I noticed a few spam bounces only quoting the first one .. obviously whatever is bouncing them should fix that - only qupting the first one is no good if its fake .. they should make sure that all the received-by headers are there if they want what's quoted in those bounces to be anything useful.

that spam isn't from here so theres no fix I can do here to stop whats not sent from here but I sure as hell still want those spammers stopped and put away.

seeing so many such bounces that it looks almost like its targeted

(as in someones trying to make me or my website look bad)

if its getting *personal*

then so would be what I would want to see happen to those bastards if ever manage to trace it all the way to the real criminals and am sure they are that

(I have no desire harm anything or anyone else and certainly not anyone that is another victim of the scammers antics)

but if I do find the real criminals and am sure .... ..

(I'll leave the rest of that to yout imagination .. those feelings are not easily expressed in words and certainly way beyond n s f w )

obviously a good way to hit back is to make sure they can't so easily fool anyone ..

every little bit could help ..

never miss an opportinity

take away every trace of any power those bastards might have to influence anyone ever again


nothing less acceptable after the last few years

everyone has had a gutful