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Sydney, Australia


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    Stompiing Goats party last Saturday

    That text would be more useful as title of the post ;)

    JanKusanagi at 2017-09-13T18:23:42Z

    if it was an announcement about an upcoming public event and there was a way to mark up the event date and city/region I certainly would put the name of the event in the title.

    (been wanting to see federation for event listings happen for decades!)

    Michael at 2017-09-15T06:52:18Z

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    here I am in Austria  :-)
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    The TPP might be dead but the fight for user rights continues


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    ads on top of content are sooo 1996

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    people should test their sites to make sure those poopular "social" widgets loaded from some other sites do not block page loads of their own content on their own site!

    There seems to ba an alarming trend that some such widgets seem to block page loads (as in the page load stalls ,, and is just stuck there and never loads.. and the user cant see ANY of the sites content)

    people using such external javascript widgets on their sites should make sure they test and TEST AGAIN WHILE NOT LOGGED IN TO THE EXTERNAL SITE PROVIDING THE WIDGET..

    you might be shocked by what some common "social" widgets get up to with page load blocking ..

    would you want it to happen on your site?

    probavbly not so you should test it or think about how you can prevent such behaviour (eg by putting them on a separate page wjere they can't block anything but theeir own content! .. or better still .. if they do that kind of thing DON"T USE THEM (because they are obviously not trustworthy!)

    if you yse such widgets first thing you sould do is check what happens WHEN YOU ARE NOT NOT LOGGED IN TO THE SOURCE SITE OF THE WIDGET. (the "use not logged in to that external" site seems to be where this happens a lot .. that clould be a sign of some form of bullying to force users into being tracked)

    of course a smart user can always turn of javascript to see the content (assuming the site works withoyut javascript- if it doesn't then its a double #FAIL and all you can do is complain and try to educate them!)

    you might be in for a shock!

    no time to fix the typos

    Michael at 2016-11-03T07:21:38Z

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    trying to recover some old files from an old ubuntu box (to much looks broken on there to bother with - probably time for a fresh os install)

    but I need to recover some files that are on it

    I'm not sure why it is suddenly so difficult to recover those files ..

    I don't remember that machine in the past ever having problems booting pretty much any livecd. but now whatever deals with the mouse and keyboard seems hostile to everything ..

    whatever did that obvously isn't nice...

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    trying AnyEvent-XMPP


    I had not previously jad much luck getting external componenrts to talk to an xmpp server but this works

    tried a test script and saw my test message immediatly came back over its connection..nice and easy ..

    this could be useful -

    stays connected .. realtime notifications

    • its so much easier to get anything working when its NOT a huge framework trying to do everything else too!
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    EFA AU Election Scorecard

    EFA Election Scorecard


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    is it safe to upgrade go?


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    with everything looking like its trying to force into some kind of "cloud" extortion racket I think its time to try a different distro or os


    I can't live with what they are turning this into

    if nothing new is acceptible I will have to use something old

    whatever it takes

    Michael at 2016-05-27T21:35:09Z

    I don't know what you're using now, but... Mageia =)

    JanKusanagi @i at 2016-05-28T00:39:27Z

    Clacke moved to social.heldscal.la and datamost.com likes this.

    I use Manjaro, and I have no problems. I also use Ubuntu on a laptop and it seems pretty smooth.

    I use owncloud for my data syncing solution.

    jrobb at 2016-05-28T13:17:42Z

    Clacke moved to social.heldscal.la and datamost.com likes this.

    first I need a new browser

    meanwhile hoping that site works in lynx

    (update) it does :-)

    Michael at 2017-04-28T14:02:50Z

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    had a play with QT last night

    after a few unsuccessful attempts to compile qtractor (a music program) at the shell and fiddling with makefiles trying to get it to find its dependencies, I thought - "its qt based, maybe I should try loading it up in QT" :-)

    in that it compiled first go .. I guess it now could find the libraries it needed!

    maybe its time for me to learn about the IDE world!

    some nice examples in there.

    and unlike some other ide's i tried in the past it didn't take too long to start up!

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    pages that don't work properly without javascript are annoying

    if I turn it on its a minefield out there

    I don't want to be left stuck waiting for MINUTES for a page to load!