Michael at

if it wasn't so far away ..

have worked with linux, windows, freebsd and quite a few others over the years going right back to msdos and Berkeley Unix in the 80s... not a lot of Mac experience but do know theres a fair bit of bsd in any MacOS from this millenium and that they have a shell prompt .. guessing an apache install on a Mac isn't so different to one on freebsd or linux...

cross platform enough?

and re apache have worked with configs (and nginx and lighthttp)

can write scripts (thats what I mostly did at my last job)

mosttly worked with php and perl (have also worked with javascript and dabbled in python a bit - and c a fair bit and not afraid to loarn others .. electronics background so i don't fear going right down to assembler if needed - dabbled in that too years ago too 8086 and 6502 :-) )

so guessing probably "technical" enough?

and can work with and build api's whether json, soap or anything else

(did a fair bit of b2b api work at my last job)

but Im, far away here in AU

and don't have so much experience with version control apart from basic use of git at my last job

(could of course learn though)

ok sure my last job (at an isp - for nearly 20 years) was mostly writing code and not support as such I;m not afraid to do support work ... before that I did general pc support work at unsw - probably also relevant to mention given that it was a support role.

so guessing yes I am probably capable of doing this kind of work but as I said I'm far away on the other side of the planet :(