Michael at

>> Christopher Allan Webber:

“@Michael Probably Event :)
You could also use Invite and Accept and Reject to announce people being invited... heck, you could even use Arrive on the Event once you got there :)”

nice .. also noticed just below it theres "place" ...

so I could use that for the venue locations I guess :-)

the use-case I'm thinking of is more like a shared gig guide so it won't require invites as such (depends on the event) but I guess people could rsvp if they want to.

The use-case I'm thinking of is more like a kind of shared community gig guide than a personal calendar.

I'm thinking of something somewhat like a federated forum but with event dates, etc and and the context of locations is that of event venues rather than where a user is.

(can't use user locations for that - its a different thing!)

and at the ui end of things events would be displayed sorted by event dates.