Michael at

need an updated browser but nothing seems to safely and easily installable ... any suggestions

preferably a TOTALLY non-root insrall and no mysterious auto updates or anything messing with system libaries

(totally non-root should help avoid the latter but having trouble finding anything that compile, install or work in any way without needing root or a package manager running as root/admin/control messing with system libraries)

surely there must be something half-decent out there?

btw if anyone suggests a windows app it MUST work in wine (and of course non-root - including any install steps), .. I'm not going to risk using windows online,

I must be in charge on my machine, not some unkown/untrusted remote management system! .. I'd rather pull the plug altogether than live under such a regime

I can't get back to even fixing my own site until I have a browser I can actually trust.

until I find a decent solution its either old browsers or live distros only (to minimise the harm if anything goes wrong)

the browser cartel blew away any trust I had in them a few years ago... and I don't see even the smallest sign of any of them trying to earn it back.

obviously we need a new, non-cartel browser, I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting this ...

surely there must be something out there

Michael at 2020-11-07T17:06:35Z