Michael at

need to find a way to make bootable usb sticks for linux

I want something like that handy Knoppix one but with better performance for music apps.

as in fully r/w so you can use it just like its on a hard drive.
(and with usb3 it boots nice and fast)

Knoppix comes with a nice easy application for making bootable usb sticks -
Is there anything like that for audio-optimised distros?

knoppix is a nice distro, but the audio performance isn't good enough.

Its great for browsing and general use and it recognises most hardware I've tried,

and the default theme/fonts/etc are much more sensible than most things - nice and readable without even changing any settings - but audio gets too glitchy with heavy music production apps so looking for a way to make bootable sticks for any music-oriented distros (such as kxstudio, etc)

would be handy for laptops, travelling, etc

and reliability .. because such sticks would be cheap and quick to replace if anything goes wrong (and I could take spares with me)
- and without the hassle of configuring multi-boot

would be nice to have a freebsd one too ..

guessing theres probably a way to do it manually (with dd, etc)