Michael at

Re: Friedica instance.

looks like pms and connecting to contacts not working properly .. possibly too much changed on the network? (or maybe it could be db corruption due to the hard drive being full so many times?)

I might have to delete everything and start a new updated intance from scratch

I might try to export my contacts and see if that works.

There is probably not much I can do about other users losing their data.

but given that lately its been down more than up due to the hd filling up all the time there probably isn't much to lose now.

I'm not sure where to go with the site in general in these strange times.

the focus here was on events and bringing people together and these days there isn't much out there to to go to and nothing online can really fill that void.
let alone the ongoing issues re trust in browser upstreams.

how are others coping with that mess?

I can't live with it - but still waiting till I can see a way forward.