michelenlared michelenlared@identi.ca

Gūshdūn, Iran

/ Open Source / backgammon - tennis player / User Android - HTC - / gnu/linux # 498226 - Linux machine # 409830 /


  • kenami / Martín Ponce kenami@identi.ca

    Mèxico, Ciudad

    méxico mx nah tr ytech -- cemani topco -- i18n l10n Linux kde ¿gnome? Unix rdbms sql plsql mysql? dmd

  • James Michael DuPont h4ck3rm1k3@identi.ca

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Pookito Pookito@pumpit.info


    I just want to learn how to code. :)

  • 4slam aslam@identi.ca


    GNU social: 4slam@loadaverage.org -- https://loadaverage.org/4slam | Twitter: @akwala -- https://twitter.com/akwala | https://i.dmaculate.me | https://melange.dmaculate.me | https://muse.mythicflow.com

  • Jorge L. González jorgelg@identi.ca


  • Osias R Barliso Jr osias05@identi.ca

    Bangkok, Thailand

    I'm a blogger

  • Guido Arnold guido@identi.ca

    Bad Vilbel, Germany

    Free Software enthusiast. Particularly interested in: Free Software in education, Free Knowledge and Free Culture. I don't really use this account anymore. You'll find me more active on Diaspora: https://pod.geraspora.de/u/ga

  • Potrito olduserpumapotro123@identi.ca

    Santiago Del Estero, Argentina


  • Proyecto WWW proyectowww@identi.ca

    Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    «Un lugar para la resolución de algunos problemas y para disfrutar de los espacios naturales y urbanos, desde la faceta o matiz del arte digital.»

  • Edgardo Linares edgardoweb@identi.ca

    Barquisimeto, Venezuela

    Metido de lleno en la Red Social, Activista, Geek Informatico #linux #Debian #ubuntu #Geek #Free

  • Kory Wnuk mnemonic66@identi.ca

    Lebanon, United States

    I know what dude I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!

  • Kate J Davis eutouring@identi.ca

    Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom

    http://www.eutouring.com Kate Davis - European traveller and author of travel to guides to Paris holidays for a holiday in Paris.

  • Scorpio20 Scorpio20@microca.st

    KZN, Republic of South Africa

    Was using Identic.ca before. A guy interested in Free Software, Debian, python n other Openid: https://launchpad.net/~anban https://en.gravatar.com/scorpioat20 http://communicationfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/pump-io-tips/

  • Dennis Andrew Gutowski Jr capngloval@identi.ca

    Wausau, United States

    I am a computer repairman from Wausau, WI USA. I was born in 1972, and I am a huge fan of Ubuntu.

  • Ángel Manuel Rodríguez Haddad arodha@identi.ca

    Simón Rodríguez, Venezuela

    Colaborador incondicional en la lucha por la creación de conciencia y sentido comun (ecosocialismo) para lograr justicia de verdad. ¡MAS CHAVISTA QUE NUNCA! Venezuela no puede seguir el camino desarrollista que tomó China. ME NIEGO, ¡¡CARAJO!!

  • James h jackson jr jameshjacksonjr@identi.ca

    Rhode Island United States

    Fan and supporter of #opensource devices and services and also into pureOS linux on my purism librem 15 laptop and backed the purism librem 5 phone coming out!!!

  • Randy Noseworthy randynose@identi.ca

    Lakewood, United States

    Linux Mint, FOSS, Podcasting, Open Source, Food, People, Tech Geek. I get paid to fix Windows, Run Linux at home. http://randynose.com

  • Pookito littlet@identi.ca

    Cordaville, United States

    I love Jesus. Living in Ma, US. SDA. Trying to be a vegan everyday. Love Open Source software, Linux too. :D

  • ostfriesenmärz march@identi.ca


    Eure teelichter haben mir falsche vorstellungen von erleuchtung vermittelt.

  • mcsox@fmrl.me mcsox@fmrl.me

    South-West of Germany

    (male) aka http://quitter.se/mcscx https://identi.ca/mcscx https://twitter.com/mcscx