Borys Musielak

Warsaw, Poland

Founder of, a free and open movie community website. Linux geek and film buff.


  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Guido Arnold

    Bad Vilbel, Germany

    Free Software enthusiast. Particularly interested in: Free Software in education, Free Knowledge and Free Culture. I don't really use this account anymore. You'll find me more active on Diaspora:

  • Róża

    Aldeburgh, United Kingdom

    Network, Debian, Linux and security. Network admin from Poland.

  • Jani Uusitalo

    Kirkkonummi, Finland

  • Steve

    I'm making music using computers- Atari, Amiga

  • sirmacik

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    Account moved to Friendica. Follow me there ( It's free, open, powerful and privacy friendly!

  • Witek Firlej

  • Krzysztof Hankiewicz

    Aldeburgh, United Kingdom

  • Karol Zalewski

    Gdańsk, Poland

    Zal. Geek, programmer, tea and C64 lover, Discworld fan from Gdańsk (Poland). GNU/Linux user. GPG: 0x0E5B8D48


  • Ubiquit

    Aldeburgh, United Kingdom

    I think I'm so clever and classless and free.

  • Daniel Koć

    Warsaw, Poland

    FLOSS and free culture enthusiast. Former newsman, Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap editor, Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska ( ) volunteer.

  • Robert Partyka

    Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland

    Vice President of board Polish Linux Users Group

  • Michał Andrzej Woźniak

    Warsaw, Poland

    Hacktivist, @fwioo President, formerly Philosophy@Warsaw Uni student, @bramalab CTO, sailor, biker.

  • Osama Khalid

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Human rights, justice and software freedom are things I care about. (Lazy) programmer. Translator (for hire!). PGP: 5A103D8C

  • Cyber Killer


    Anarchistic cyberpunk & sysadmin, if you like my dents you can flattr me:

  • Børge A. Roum

    Oslo sentrum, Norway

    I'm a leftie, freegan, FLOSS & web 2.0 enthusiast. Climate change is the worst threat humanity has been up against. Why don't we fix it?

  • Bill Whetstone

    Multi-Media Artist - Lover of Home Grown Tomatoes, Creator of Google's #1 DIY Economic Stimulus @

  • keyist