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And in SoundCloud still sucks news, that thing where what you wanted to hear finishes, it starts playing something terrible yet “related”?
It turns out, the venerable 'cclive' video-downloading tool supports downloading music from SoundCloud, so if you don't want to deal with their player there's always that option.

Screwtape at 2013-08-19T00:11:59Z

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Mmm, indeed, but it's a bit of trouble to go to if you just want to listen once to get a idea of what the band sounds like.

Michael Gratton at 2013-08-19T05:39:39Z

As infuriating as soundcloud can be, I feel like the general idea of the player (comments hooked to timecodes on the waveform plot) is a pretty good one.  I hope someone will make a more useful client-side native version of this sort of thing.  We could embed the comments in the ogg headers themselves!

Space Hobo at 2013-08-19T09:28:03Z