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There is far too little crazytalk among FLOSS people.

The person credited with coining "open source" is also associated with the Foresight Institute. I haven't kept track of them in many years, but IIRC they were big on the concept of "design ahead".

Pity that the FLOSS world is all about catchup. Contrary examples welcome.

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Thanks for the pointer! It makes me feel well justified for caring about these things then. To infinity and beyond!

The FLOSS world lacks an economic mathematical evaluation, should such an appreciation be created, metrically, things and focus might change. I for instance might want to ask for a 401k fund where money focuses and prioritizes on Free Software attributes, metrically, while capital wise things return of investments meet a smaller certain criteria as a compromise -- hell, perhaps such compromise are not needed.

I personally don't believe all the FLOSS world is about catchup, in fact I don't believe private industry can catch up with some of our FLOSS efforts. Although I don't have the proof as proprietary OSes are private I do suspect that metrically no proprietary OS can catch up with the pace of development and innovation we have on Linux, for instance.

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