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mini-upgrade report:
* first for the heck of it did apt-get upgrade (running on a wheezy vm). error message at my site after upgrade, rebooted rather than figure it out, and reboot fixed.
* followed instructions at http://mediagoblin.readthedocs.org/en/v0.7.0/siteadmin/relnotes.html "do this upgrade", error message at my site. restarted paster and celeryd services rather than figure out, error message went away.
* the responsive design thing looks a bit odd on a wide screen monitor, I guess due to no left/right white space?

I think it was a smoother upgrade than in the past (release notes incomplete, had to dig around/remember past upgrade) and am looking forward to trying the new features. I should upload something new to http://mg.ml.vc now. ^_^

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