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Naive and possibly stupid and painful questions:

(1) If on were spinning up a new ActivityPub microblogging instance, how would one choose between Mastodon and Pump.io?

(2) Has any instance been migrated from one to the other?

(3; for fun) Has any instance been set up to run both, handling sessions among them randomly, keeping databases in sync? Surely the answer is no, so let's expand this to any other sort of messaging software. Who has done it? Surely it is worth doing at least as an art project.

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Not sure if you are expecting answers, nor do I know much about all these, still let me spill out somethings:

(1) Mastodon seems chatting while Pump.io seems, eh, blogging (?). So it depends on which mode one dislikes more.
(2) I don't know. But I guess the paint point will be keeping intact and functional the follower/following thing. Also Pump.io allows richer markup, so converting from legacy posts to just text (with some links and pics) could be headache.
(3) An art project indeed. One need to have both personality: you don't feel like talking and you are afraid to write. I think an empty space will do.

Tyng-Ruey Chuang at 2017-10-26T13:33:07Z