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2. Coding in the open is great for international relations

The government National Technology Advisor Liam Maxwell, talked about the non-technical advantages of coding in the open and how the UK is a leader in the field.Liam said that the nature of the public sector means that sharing code is actually an advantage. Governments are not competing with each other and they can work together to make public services better. When it comes to providing driving licence services, for example, the UK can work with a country like Norway not just to share code but combine methodologies and standards to improve the experience for citizens across both countries.

Maybe above seems trite, but in my estimation, it's maybe the most important feature of commons-based production. The world war in progress may end the world, and it wouldn't be too surprising for the major part of it to be triggered by an "IP" dispute. Knowledge should be an opportunity to build collaboration capabilities, not provide reason for conflict.

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