Muge Cerman

Istanbul, Turkey

SuperInfluencer/Trendhunter/AngelAdvisor/Consultant-IMC/Knowledge Junkie


  • localmc


    non linear media

  • Yusuf Tezcan

    Antalya, Turkey

    Computer Engineer, Technology Manager of Tablets Mobile

  • Mihalcea Razvan

    Lovnic, Romania

    Passionate webdesigner and blogger, addicted to Social Media and microblogging, I like to be friend with everyone...

  • Veronika Gillies

    Urban Explorer

  • Fred Grott

    developer, start up guy, Free Source and Open Source savant, supporter of FSF and EFF. Android, iPHone, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, and Symbian.

  • Ian Kath

    I'm a podcaster travelling the world based out of Australia gathering life stories from people in an on line chat show.