Hyderabad, India

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  • Mo

    Indianapolis, United States

    I am 28. I work with mentally handicapped adults. 2 kids. Love movies...well, GOOD movies!

  • laurelrusswurm

    the interwebz

    I'm a self publishing author, free culture advocate, media artist and a mom. ⇐ Author page: • Libreleft Books ⇓—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ⇒ just now my GNUsocial Instance is under construction ( | email: ⇑

  • Steven Rosenberg

    Los Angeles, United States

    Steven Rosenberg writes about many things. I currently run Fedora Linux on my personal hardware, Windows on my non-personal hardware.

  • Dimitri Larmuseau

    Brussels, Belgium

    IT Pro, loves Open Source, loves Belgian Beers, host of

  • Patrick L Archibald (PLA)

    Summerville SC USA

    Active here:

  • Daniele Gobbetti

    Bolzano, Italy

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    Montreal, Canada

  • Aaron Toponce

    Ogden, United States

    System administrator and engineer for XMission. Amateur radio ethusiast, Free Software advocate, mathematician and amateur cryptographer.

  • Christopher Allan Webber

    Madison, United States

    GNU MediaGoblin founder, former Creative Commons software engineer, python hacker, free software enthusiast, maker of weird drawings See: (Any pronouns are okay.)

  • Stefano Zacchiroli

    Paris, France

    Geek, Debian Project Leader 2010-2013, Free Software zealot, Computer Science professor. Italian from Bologna, emigrated to Paris, France

  • Alex Merced

    The name is Alex Merced and I'm creative, ambitious, eccentric, generous, and quite the individiual.

  • Laurent Séguin

    Malakoff, France

    Président de l'AFUL

  • Corey Leong

    Orlando, United States

    @wwmls maker, @gr8c executive director, @ucf grad student

  • Stéphane Deschamps

    Waouh en 140 caractères je (bip, bip, bip)

  • Monique Brunel

    Mons, Belgium

    En campagne pour des sites Web de qualité, conformes et accessibles - Mozilla Rep | Firefox, logiciels libres, formats ouverts, TIC...

  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

    The World Wide Web Consortium develops interoperable technologies (specs, guidelines, software, tools) to lead the Web to its full potential

  • Tim Bray