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It's been a long, dismal week and I need to take a break and turn off my brain for 30 minutes or so. Unfortunately there's nothing amusing to be found on either of the meager streaming services I have access to from here (Netflix UK and whatever junk Amazon shovels at you for free when you sign up for Amz Student's free trial). Don't worry, no free-software web browsers have been harmed in either of these exercises.

Are there any well-made comedies distributed on YouTube, for example? There are a number of awesome educational things that I watch that way (Numberphile and Chop-n-Brew, for starters); a lot less pure-creative comedy, which I kind of miss.

The whole "buy a license to watch TV" thing in GB is alien beyond words.

To clarify, as I mentioned before, I have been successfully deep-diving into podcasts (even managing to track down a few of the vanished ones though various unscrupulous means), but if I try to power down my brain with audio only, I know I'll just end up opening FontForge and pushing diacritic anchor points around.

Nathan Willis at 2017-03-12T19:07:47Z

And yes, I do also know how to distract myself in other ways; I can read and everything. But why is no one producing sitcoms on YouTube or another gratis distribution channel? I've found a lot of audio content coming from the improv community ... as podcasts. Makes you wonder why those people don't publish video, too. I would be all over that.

Nathan Willis at 2017-03-12T19:09:54Z

since free to air tv switched over to digital in this part of the world theres no reception .. can't even pick up one channel so left with the only option being cable even to get the free-to-air channels.

as for netflix, etc .. I don't know, haven't looked around to see whats available online because I'm worried that watching tv over adsl might be a bandwidth hog and I don't really want everything else to be slow. (the bw cost is not a problem on the plan that I am on- just not sure its fast enough to do both as its a noisy line and I'm not getting anywhere near the spped adsl2+ is capable of. There isn't much my isp can do about it, its due to ancient wiring under the street)

Michael at 2017-03-13T01:05:22Z