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The Internet Of Self-inflicted Harm

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I've been reading a lot of home-automation blogs recently, for the purpose of planning out a few HA projects at WillisFarms.

It's pretty alarming to me to see how many of the people involved in this hobby default to using

  • WiFi for the in-house network of things like unencrypted sensors
  • Sending their data out over the Internet in order to access it, rather than sending in to a local server on their LAN
  • Signing up for some commercial web service as a gateway between their sensors and whatever their state engine or front-end app is, rather than using a local MQTT server

I mean, we expect the commercial IOT industry to do horribly insecure and privacy-destroying things, but why is the DIY community doing this to itself?

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The Internet of LetMeOutOfHerePlease.

It's depressing.

JanKusanagi at 2018-01-02T15:46:04Z