Gustavo Niemeyer

Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?


  • Debacle


    Debian developer, Python programmer, Windenergy worker, Solarenergy scholar, City cyclist, Avowed atheist, Milonguero malvado, Voluptuous vegetarian

  • Ahmed Shams

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

    Bahía Blanca, Argentina

  • Liber

    Torrellano, Spain

    Interesado en software libre y literatura de ciencia ficción

  • xtrakt

    Chief Nkalakata, Zimbabwe

    Brother, can you spare your mind?

  • Online Printing Coupons

    Lebanon, United States

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  • Michael Payne

    Brooklyn, United States

    Ella's Dad.

  • jeremyb

    Brooklyn, United States

    @wikimedianyc, free software, open standards

  • Leo Arias

    Costa Rica

    "Do not be hasty, that is my motto."

  • Sebastian Mitterle

    Berlín, Colombia

    hizkuntzak, Linguistik, running, hizkuntza, matemáticas, cucina, programming

  • Netivity

    Web services firm based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Web Hosting | Web Development | Web Presence Consulting | Web Based Backups

  • Jonathan Carter

    Montreal, Canada

    I know you, you know me, one thing I can tell you is you got to be free

  • Steve Phillips

    Santa Barbara, United States

    Co-founder of SB Hackerspace. Workaholic. Programmer. Linux Lover. Python Pusher.

  • michelenlared

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    / Open Source / backgammon - tennis player / User Android - HTC - / gnu/linux # 498226 - Linux machine # 409830 /

  • uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs

    More at

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    Montreal, Canada

  • Rodrigo Belem

    Manaus, Brazil

    Open source developer living in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest.

  • Muharem Hrnjadovic

    Lucerne, Switzerland

    Software developer and computer aficionado, linux lover; mostly hacking in Python, dabbling in erlang.

  • Facundo Batista

  • Michael R. Bernstein

    Albuquerque, United States

    Python web developer and consultant, science-fiction fan, American-Israeli dual national. Code for America Fellow.