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  • RiveraValdez ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • amz3

    Paris / Ile de France / France / Earth

    I am a Python developer by trade who try to build a new experience in Guile (a GNU Scheme implementation) poking around Sly and GNU GuixSD I moving my code slowly but surely @

  • Undefined

    Vegano, defensor del software y cultura libre, pseudo-desarrollador web, melómano (del metal, rock progresivo, música experimental, instrumental, etc), fanático de los videojuegos clásicos de 16 bits, y otras muchas cosas.

  • Dana


    Hola!! Some tips: Notes for old users: --- Algunos consejos para Notas para antiguos usuarios de

  • Stephen Sekula

    Sudbury, ON, Canada

    Find me over on Mastodon/ActivityPub at Husband; Professor of Physics at Queen's University; Research Group Manager at SNOLAB; dark matter hunter; neutrino watcher; writer and blogger; drummer; programmer; teacher; scientist; traveler; runner; gardener; open-source aficionado.

  • Yannick Delbecque

    Montreal, Canada

    Enseignant mathématiques, cégep St-Laurent Ph.D. Computer science, McGill University

  • gotomah

    Ghostown - I was born, then I started to die.

    Si no me sigues no podrás ver la mayoría de mis posts!

  • LETT Paul-Emmanuel

    Besançon, France

    Je suis intéressé par: la Musicologie, ArchLinux, le FLOSS, l'écologie, l'Art, la grèce. J'ai l'envie de créer (jeux vidéo, musique, graphismes, vidéo) mais rarement la persévérence et le soutiens.

  • Denver Gingerich

    Upper Fraser Valley

    My views are my own. I work part-time at Software Freedom Conservancy and full-time on JMP.

  • /usr/share

    Default City

    A 5th-year college student. Currently working as a developer in a government-contracting company and studying at the same time.


  • Felix

    Bucharest, Romania

    Programmer, sci-fi buff and generally geek.

  • Juan Carlos Torres

    Laguna, Philippines

    Self-professed coder. Expert procrastinator. Novice productivity ninja. Recovering Ragnarok Online addict. And lover of all things blue.

  • Adrián Chaves Fernández

    Torrellano, Spain

    Free culture advocate with a focus on Galician, games and documentation, and part of the KDE community.

  • piratechef

  • Arne Babenhauserheide

    Graben-Neudorf, Germany

    Free licensing idealist, roleplayer, hobby musician and writer, python coder, doing phd in physics – avatar from Trudy Wenzel (GPL). Find me on and

  • Cyber Killer


    Anarchistic cyberpunk & sysadmin, if you like my dents you can flattr me:

  • Julie Pichon

    The Pike, Ireland

    Software dev, open-source enthusiast, endlessly curious about education and technology. Learning Japanese at the moment.

  • timotheus

    Argalintayn Örtöö, Mongolia

  • Esteban Carnevale

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    System administrator - Interests: GNU/Linux, free software, software development