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  • Michael Downey downey@identi.ca

    Portland, Oregon, USA

    Community management professional, digital activist, & cause builder. Open Source Director of Community for Digital Impact Alliance at United Nations Foundation.

  • Colombia Conectada colconectada@identi.ca


    Encuentre información sobre trámites, formatos, universidades y artículos de ayuda en general de Colombia. www.colconectada.com

  • Keven Mcfadden darinmassey12@identi.ca

    Hidden Object Games Free

  • Morton Gould freepsychicreadingonline01@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • Bud Good budgood01@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • Thanh Burt thanhburt01@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • Jed Finch jedfinch01@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • Cole Hull minecraftdiamond@identi.ca

    Minecraft Diamond Games

  • Jayson Sellers sonny2games@identi.ca

    Sonny 2 Games

  • nnqvq87q nnqvq87q@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • xtrakt xtrakt@identi.ca

    Chief Nkalakata, Zimbabwe

    Brother, can you spare your mind?

  • Tony Hamilton bolofarm@identi.ca

    Ban Katan, Laos

    Bolo Farm - Coffee Laos

  • dani telkom danitelkom@identi.ca

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    DHarisy.com my personal Blog

  • VitaminsandSupplements vitaminsandsupplements@identi.ca

    Lebanon, United States

    We offer details regarding different vitamins and supplements including their advantages, disadvantages and health issues related to them.

  • Heniek Cojka cojka2012@identi.ca

    Jestem zapachnisty.

  • Tie Ja tieja10@identi.ca

    Lebanon, United States

    I Love Google

  • Eddie Morales eddiemorales@identi.ca

  • Jason Self jxself@identi.ca

    Seattle, United States

    https://jxself.org/ Posts are CC-BY-SA either version 4.0 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. See https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

  • Stefano Canepa scanepa@identi.ca

    Genoa, Italy

    free software user and advocate, some times translator, wanna be Debian developer with too many interests and so little time for them

  • Carmen Strong carmenstrong@identi.ca