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No hack, the system working as designed. An Article I court within the PTO heard an adversarial claim brought by an aggrieved party. Obama has nothing to do with it and there was no stretch in the law as they applied it. It's also an insult to the judges to suggest that they would bow to pressure from Obama (if that's what you meant). The TTAB judges I know would quit first.

This is the second time the TTAB reached the same conclusion. The first TTAB decision was appealed to the District of Columbia and went to the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia twice, but it ultimately was kicked on the basis of laches, not the substantive law of disparagement.

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Pam, I'm confused, it seems as if you're saying that the USPTO isn't part of the Executive Branch of government.

Am I confused about my civics here? I did pay attention in Civics class.

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