Georg Portenkirchner

Munich, Germany

Living and working in Munich, Germany, doing things with the web.


  • Community


    Follow this account for information about and announcements from the community. Check out this wiki page to know more: Community meetings are usually held the third Friday of every month, at 20:00 UTC.

  • Carsten

    but no vehicle

  • waxmuth

  • Creative Commons

    Yr usin' my license!

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • mkuh

  • Aral Balkan

    I make things. Beautifully geeky things.

  • uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs

    More at

  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

    The World Wide Web Consortium develops interoperable technologies (specs, guidelines, software, tools) to lead the Web to its full potential

  • nickko

    Brussels, Belgium

    Ergonome / usability expert, je m'intéresse au web et à ses usages, à la FOAD/e-learning, à Opera, et aux meta-messengerx (Pidgin, Trillian)

  • Marco Zehe

    Morston, United Kingdom

    Born April 15, 1973. Accessibility QA engineer at Mozilla, dog owner, blind from birth, not single. Love music, technology, the open web.

  • RA Michael Seidlitz

    Berlin, Germany

    Rechtsanwalt • Recht gestalten - Recht behalten • IT- / Medienrecht / Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz / Social Media / Startups • Impressum:

  • Tiffany B. Brown

    Los Angeles, United States

    Open Web Advocate with Opera Software. Web developer. Dilettante. Angeleno via Long Island and Atlanta.

  • Olivier G. ☃

    Herblay, France

    Développeur web front-end / Intégrateur à Paris, France, scout depuis tout petit, photographe amateur...

  • Support

    Official Support for

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Canada

    Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Founder of, lead developer of, CEO of E14N Inc.

  • Ian Forrester

    Lamlash, United Kingdom

    Senior producer at BBC R&D, emergent technology expert and a serial Manchester social geek event organiser

  • Open Web Management X

    OWMX has W3C-compliant, CSS3 and HTML5 -based website templates with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.