The Python Papers

The Python Papers Anthology is the umbrella referring to The Python Papers, The Python Papers Monograph and The Python Papers Source Codes.


  • David Duncan

    Austin, TX, United States

    Work for AWS, but my Notes are my own.

  • eminor

  • Romuald Texier-Marcadé

    Rennes, France

    I speak breton, I'm fond of maths, open source software, software and knowledge engineering, nature, hiking and biking, music, home studio.

  • I.Enys Untra

    Pundit newbie, ex-officer German Federal Defence (Bundeswehr), paramedic trainee, medical informaticist, single-parenting dog owner, liberal

  • Lexie Dee

  • Cillian de Róiste

    Munich, Germany

    Linux/Python/Zope developer, free software/culture bigot, gaeilgeoir. Distro:

  • Marc Rintsch

    Python, Retrocomputing, and Other Nonsense…

  • phaer

    Chania, Greece

  • 王斌

    Beijing, China

    pythoner, gentoo fans, now a mac user too :)

  • Kiwi PyCon

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Kiwi #PyCon, the conference for New Zealand's #Python community & friends. This year it is in Auckland on the 7th and 8th of September 2013.

  • Guy K. Kloss

    Auckland, New Zealand

    properly indented code keeps me happy