Dronten, Netherlands

Text mode fan uses vim, vimperator, gnu screen and ratpoison. Prefers hjkl-keybinding and moves aroud on a bicycle and on a motorcycle


  • Grischa Brockhaus

    Software Engineer, Freelancer

  • Christian Sickendieck

    Morston, United Kingdom

    Gründer und Autor von F!XMBR, eines der meistgelesenen und -verlinkten Weblogs im deutschsprachigen Internet.

  • Command Line Magic

    Cool Unix/Linux Command Line tricks you can use in 140 characters or less.

  • Rutger van Sleen

    Groningen, Netherlands

    Vrolijke import Groninger, nerd, muziekfan. Vrije en open software voorstander, voorzitter van de Nederlandse Linux Gebruikers Groep.


  • jana pirat

    freiheitliebend, pirat, nerd, weltentdecker, linuxer, bvv-xhain

  • Michiel van Wessem

    Leicester, United Kingdom

    #Slackware User, Geek, generally weird and OCPD, lover of beer, whisky, booze and odd humour, just trying to have a good time.

  • Matthew Davidson

    Sawtell, Australia

    Dot org entrepreneur, inventor of the alcoholic mocktail, a distressed asset.

  • Dirk Deimeke

    Grüt, Switzerland

    Pragmatic Systems Administrator and Linux Penguin

  • deepgeek

    Linux and getting extreme about the geekiness! I do the "talk geek to me" podcast.

  • Danyel Lawson

    Bay Ridge, United States

    Free, GNU, and other stuff too

  • Birgit Hücking

  • Jean-Christophe Berthon


    I'm a free (software and others) advocate, world traveller and bicycle lover.

  • C. M. Hobbs

    Siloam Springs, United States

    I do filthy, nerdy things.

  • Cyrille Berger

    Linköping, Sweden

    Researcher on robotics and computer vision. Skiing, bicycle, taking pictures, a bit of drawing and a lot of open source programing.

  • Jeff A.

    father, husband, teacher, bicycle rider, tech geek, chess player, dwarf paladin, friend of aussies and bill w.

  • Marc Mims

    Cyclist, Perl hacker, Linux ethusiast

  • ClaudioM

    Miami, United States

    I'm a computer geek with a musical flare. Proud father of 3 great boys.

  • John Taylor

    Belfast, United Kingdom

  • IM Service

    Iowa, USA

    Posts about the IM service