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Wonderful ! It's what I need to setup for social networking when I'll have the opporunity for that, thank you Carl for describing this !

Thank you, I knew the version on github. I don't how to use all of them, I didn't find any doc about the Firehose for example... I installed dianara :-) And pumpio-el, but could not make it work.

Anyway, I will need a glue for social networking, because contacts get scattered, each having his very piece of favorite software. And I like to discover how different things interact. I feel our strength in FLOSS is the opennes and interconnectivity. It takes efforts, though :)

I was attracted by, but it seems discontinued. Although lighter, I wonder if Friendica is not more powerful in the end without being too complicated to run on a personal instance. For now, my server is not ready ;-)

Christophe Schockaert at 2015-10-24T20:53:12Z