Ronda Herbert

Gūshdūn, Iran


  • Juan Vargas

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    Aprendiendo constantemente, equivocandome más, BOFH, Pichón de: Developer, Python, HTML5, CSS3

  • Will Kahn-Greene

    Chelmsford, United States

    Developer; works for Mozilla; hacks on richard,, SUMO, MediaGoblin, Miro, etc

  • Sumana Harihareswara [on Mastodon]

    Jackson Heights, United States

    I use this account infrequently; find me on Mastodon as . Founder of Changeset Consulting. Wife, FLOSS geek, feminist, manager of people & projects, programmer, fanvidder. Recurse Center alumna. She/her. Married to @leonardr.

  • Karsten Gerloff

    Aachen, Germany

    Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) - President. Free Software, policy, strategy, patents, copyright

  • Wikidata

    Berlin, Germany

    The free knowledge base that anyone can edit (tweets mostly by @nightrose)

  • KDE Community

    Team creating free and open source software, offering an advanced graphical desktop and a wide variety of applications for GNU/Linux.

  • Federico Mena Quintero

    GNOME hacker

  • Mike Linksvayer

    pre-epoch parasite, post-epoch scavenger

  • Sandro S. Andrade

    Salvador, Brazil

    Professor at Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Bahia. Passionate musician and Qt/KDE contributor.