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The Root's Updates at

Long time since the last time I used identica. isn't the same as the original statusnet at all. I wish it was back to that platform, or was like friendica, where it was linked to as many social networks, blogging sites, etc. Besides that, I've been okay, using diaspora allot, been through two machines (my longest one lost it's mobo), the last one had major issues and this one I have is allot better, but alas restricted to only pentium 4, celeron and pentium D dual-core processors, due to it having code in the BIOS that blacklists pure pentium dual core, core 2 duo/quad processors. It runs nicely with linux, same with windows 6.2. It currently has a 3.2ghz pentium 4, but I'm going to get a 3.4 Ghz pentium D dual core for it and more RAM, limit seems to be 4GB, or maybe 5. Haven't been able to test it with anymore since ddr2 is becoming hard to find. Laters. :)