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Ever since #identica moved to, the features I used allot went missing, such as public timeline/stream, groups, ability to delete noticed posted by accident (duplicates included), elimination of 140 characters which won't tie nicely with twitter, no twitter/diaspora/facebook/friendika/ (you get what I'm saying) cross-posting either. I hope it all gets brought back soon. I miss sharing people's notices to get them outside of the network they're on too. Can this be sent to evan? I'm sure more are suggesting that too. #features #missing #muchdemand #highdemand #populardemand #twitter #diaspora #crossposting #google+ #friendika #facebook also posted to diaspora.
Bugs, enhancement requests go here - - although you really are incredibly naive if you really believe Evan isn't aware of all of these functional gaps between and Pump. The lack of groups, hashtaps and bridges are all existing issues. As for why he didn't implement them all before the migration, well you'll have to ask him but I suspect it would have delayed the migration by 12 months and he couldn't wait 12 months.

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