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I'm still very frustrated with the install experience of #pumpio in fedora 19.

I've already found out a few more "undocumented" things one needs to install (and one of them in the last release, xml): rai, xml.

sudo mkdir /opt/
sudo chown rms:rms /opt/
cd /opt
git clone
npm install
cd node_modules/
npm install xml
npm install rai
cd databank
npm install databank-mongodb
cd ../../
npm test

Currently npm test fails (and hangs with a red cross on the bottom left corner of my terminal window):

[rms@p]$ npm test

> test /opt/
> vows test/*-test.js

····················· ·
        throw arguments[0];
TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of null
    at Function._.each._.forEach (/opt/
    at sanitizedJSON (/opt/
    at Function.<anonymous> (/opt/
    at next (/opt/
    at Function.req.principal (/opt/
    at next (/opt/
    at /opt/
    at passThru0 (/opt/
    at /opt/
    at Object._onImmediate (/opt/

I'm trying out with wheezy now. Installing a VM from network to see if it goes better.

Rui Seabra at 2013-07-13T08:55:43Z

ARGH it's even worse. DAMN IT.

Rui Seabra at 2013-07-13T09:44:33Z