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I would like to remind my friends who follow me at ruiseabra that I have moved over to and that I'm feeling very lonely in there :-)

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I'm also having troubles posting in even though I login just fine with my server. grrrr.r...

Rui Seabra at 2013-11-07T19:51:55Z

I can't comment on my own post either with git master or 0.3.0-alpha1

"Error: no original post"
    at Function.<anonymous> (/opt/

One more thorn, grr... we need decent and motivated JavaScript developers...

Rui Seabra at 2013-11-07T20:17:15Z

Interesting. Reading this made me think I was missing half the thread, and indeed I was... looking at it directly on is totally different.

Ryan Weal at 2013-11-08T15:29:11Z

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I don't think federation is working properly, I mean, logged in from my instance I can't comment in this thread, but I was perfectly able to share it...

Rui Seabra at 2013-11-10T00:01:31Z

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