Rutger van Sleen

Groningen, Netherlands

Vrolijke import Groninger, nerd, muziekfan. Vrije en open software voorstander, voorzitter van de Nederlandse Linux Gebruikers Groep.


  • Gijs Hillenius

    Journalist focusing on sustainability of government IT, vendor-independence & use of free and open source software by public administrations

  • Jos Herni

    Dutch Geek. Interested in open source, Linux, Ubuntu, Hardware, Gadgets, Music, books, food, the good life!


    Founder of Voor vrij en open ! Vrije software, open content, open standaarden, zie

  • Roy

    Hilversum, Netherlands

    Interaction designer. Drupal UX-team lead. Make more sketches

  • Diaspora

    Diaspora is an awesome, distributed, open source social network in the making from some young hackers at NYU

  • Bradley M. Kuhn

    originally from Baltimore, MD, USA.

  • MegaGlest

    MegaGlest is a free/open source cross-platform real-time strategy game for up to 8 networked human or A.I. players on Linux, Windows, OS X.

  • linuxaria

    Bologna, Italy

  • ~naf

    Dronten, Netherlands

    .."naval engineering student/gnu/A.L.F"

  • Erik van Luxzenburg

    Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

    @RodeKruis vrijwilliger: Ledenraadslid Instructeur #EHBO & #EHV trainer | #Lean & #Agile profiel: @eLuxZen | Voor mijn #PGP keyID:

  • freenodestaff

    The official acount of the freenode staff team

  • Debian Art

    Universal City, United States is a repository of artwork done for Debian and compatible with Debian Policy.

  • Adriaan de Groot

    Dronten, Netherlands

    Python hacker, KDE dude and some-time Free Software legal wrangler

  • Glyn Moody

    City of Westminster, United Kingdom

    writer (Rebel Code), journalist, blogger, mostly GNU/Linux, open source, open content; the commons, copyright, patents and digital rights

  • Reinout van Schouwen

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Research (Java) developer @ Interest in Free Software (Gnome) and green politics

  • Jan Wildeboer

    Munich, Germany

    Distributed, federated world domination based on open standards and with Free Software is my goal.

  • Jelmer Vernooij

    Westfilderstadt, Germany

    Free software nomad.

  • Matto

    Dronten, Netherlands

    Text mode fan uses vim, vimperator, gnu screen and ratpoison. Prefers hjkl-keybinding and moves aroud on a bicycle and on a motorcycle

  • Duck Duck Go

    Valley Forge, United States

    DuckDuckGo search engine.

  • Raphaël Hertzog

    La Talaudière, France

    Debian developer, Free software consultant, author of a Debian book. My passion: contributing to debian.