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As my account was originally registered under StatusNet, I had an old e-mail associated with my account.
I was able to update one based on the request listed here -
             data='{"email":"", "nickname": "rye", "password": "very secret password"}')

Now, here's the thing, I still have a portablecontacts_net entry in my profile from StatusNet:
  "portablecontacts_net": {
   "note": "A cheerful GNU/Linux web developer/developer/support engineer. Working ...", 
   "preferredUsername": "rye", 
   "displayName": "Roman Yepishev", 
   "addresses": {
    "formatted": "Kiev, Ukraine"
   "urls": {
    "0": {
     "type": "homepage", 
     "primary": "true", 
     "value": ""

Does anyone knows how to update or delete this node? The only reference I found in sources is in pump-import-collection, and it is only being read from.
It does not look like a post can be easily edited via pypump :(

Roman at 2015-08-19T00:32:28Z

I've never tried, but probably the same way the profile itself is updated.

Does it bother you that much? It's not like any regular user will see that data.

JanKusanagi at 2015-08-19T01:52:00Z

@JanKusanagi, unless there is quite a bit of magic involved, I guess the node is baked into the DB somewhere.

Received "response: Error: 'profile' is immutable " when tried to send a request to modify (and accidentally introduced a new node into my profile when I made a typo :) ).

I guess I will just always have this data with me. I will still periodically try, though.

Roman at 2015-08-19T02:05:18Z

Dianara can modify your profile (but not that hidden data, I've just never cared, and never thought anyone would, TBH), maybe you can draw some inspiration from there.

JanKusanagi at 2015-08-19T02:07:29Z