Ryo at

So, how does it feel on Identi.ca now that it's working with pump.io?

It's annoying. I could login to at the end {but I still don't know how-to I achieved it}  >< I don't like when it's so. I ended up here looking for a guide somewhere, a standard way of doing it or something I were missed of. I comment under your post so that leave a "don't like this (pq)" note If it helps others because your comment actually made me got relief, I wasn't me, I thought.
Yes, a little guide would be so appreciated.

Txe Llenne at 2013-08-17T13:48:45Z

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I'd recommend both of you to check out the desktop and/or mobile clients.

This basic user guide might help.

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2015-10-17T17:21:37Z