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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2013-08-26T17:59:26Z

    Also I'm excited about the switchover to gitorious 3.0!  Woo!  Go gitorious folks!

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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2013-08-25T19:15:29Z

    Distracted by refreshable "random loot tool" on SomethingAwful (it's been a while since I went there...)  My favorites:

    Weapons & Armor

    Breastplate for extremely busty woman. This endowed iron breastplate is sure to start a conversation about the portrayal of women in roleplaying games.

    Magic Items & Potions
    Gloves of Snake Hands. Turns the wearer's hands into snakes forever. Why did you put them on? Oh god, you don't have any control over them!

    Magic Items & Potions
    Potion of Transform Gender. Actually just water with a label to remind you that gender is a construct.

    Millions of dollars in worthless fiat currency no longer tied to a gold standard. Google Ron Paul.

    Weapons & Armor
    Glass armor. What were they thinking? It starts breaking as soon as you put it on and doesn't stop until it's off again.

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