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58 minutes, sounded like most of the office on speakerphone.

I finally got the scammers to engage in swearing and namecalling, and they didn't win the exchange.

Standard opening, booted up ReactOS and "installed" TeamViewer.

This caused a bit of a problem, as by default TeamViewer only has a 4 number passcode, and I'd changed it to a 6 alphanumeric characters, and they were getting annoyed when I kept giving them letters.

Unfortunately, ReactOS crahsed when they connected, and did so a few more times.

More unforunately, they gave me their login and passcode to get access to their machine, which was unexpected and I was going to have some fun with the information I could get, but ReactOS again crashed.

Rather frantically started my Linux VM, installed TeamViewer, and got it running whilst the LogMeIn attempts "failed".

Once connected, they didn't seem to notice that "Windows+R" wasn't working, the terminal wasn't opening, nor that my browser was completely blank, and just kept going with the script.

Tried to log into my email account, and then got to logging into my bank account, both of which "failed".

After this, they told me they were determined to remove the viruses and hackers from my computer, email and bank account, but needed access to do so.

At this point, I called them out, and they were emphatic they weren't scammers, and thus began the trading of barbs.

They weren't very good at it, and their attempts at getting a rise out of me backfired when they got more upset when I asked them pretty much the same questions back.

The last man I spoke to became especially flustered, as after suggesting various female members of my family had left lingerie at his house, I suggested that he was actually the owner and enjoyed wearing them, and I wouldn't judge him if he told me; I'm a liberal Western man, and however he gets his kicks is up to him.

The stuttering soon petered out into exasperation, as they were "trolling" me, they had nothing else to do and my use and understanding of Hindi swear words was amateur and boring.

I'm aware my "rules" for scambaiting include not engaging in the swearing, but in my defence most of it was, "No, you're the ...".

8/10, which includes a bonus point for being the first to attempt insulting me.

Still wouldn't use again.

You should compile all of these into a book xD

JanKusanagi at 2017-03-28T23:40:13Z

Nah, I can't write and there are many better scambaiters than me.

Sam Black at 2017-03-30T10:03:02Z